Scribe Tool

This carbide tool has a wide cutting surface installed into a plastic casing. The metal clip provides mobility as pen-like.

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No-Nik Stripper

                                    The red handle No-Nik strips 250um, 500um and 900um buffered fiber.

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The Blue, White and Yellow handled No-Niks are also available upon request.

Kevlar Cutters        

The Miller Kevlar cutter has a serrated steel blade   and rubber coated handles for leverage. With a spring action recovery this provides for a quick
          cutting ease.

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This jacket stripper allows for a clean cut and removal of the outer jacket of simplex or duplex cable. A spring release and coated grips provide for easy handling.

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 Continuity Verifier

This hand held instrument illuminates a red light for easy visual identification of light transmittance from one end to the other. A universal fixed adapter allows too check all 2.5mm ferrule                    diameters. Operates with two “AA” batteries included.

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